Crane/Lift Platform Operations

At Roscoe Tree Services Ltd, we pride ourselves with being equipped with the latest plant and machinery, whilst also ensuring we have the most safest and reliable machinery in our sector, to allow us to undertake arboricultural services which are above and beyond Tree Work Operations. We do not hire equipment, we use all in-house equipment, which are purchased by ourselves to undertake all operations. 


We have come to recognise the benefits that cranes bring to certain arboricultural operations in terms of safe and efficient working practice. These benefits extend well beyond the individual company and into the wider industry.

Some benefits of using cranes during tree work operations are as follows:

  • Less time spent engaged in climbing the tree 

  • Reduced use of the chainsaw in the tree as larger pieces can be removed 

  • Reduced use of the chainsaw on the ground 

  • Reduced fatigue (The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognise fatigue as a contributing factor in the causes of some accidents in tree work) 

  • Creates a safer environment for ground staff as each piece of timber removed is under close control 

  • Less reliance on the unknown strength of anchor points in the tree when using conventional climbing and rigging techniques (cranes are a known strength and the subject of frequent testing) 

  • Reduces manual handling and strain injuries benefiting both employee and employer (reduced risk of injury and less time off work) 

  • Faster than conventional techniques thus providing a commercial advantage.

As experienced arborists, we know the high risk and very physically challenging work that Tree Surgery requires.  Although our arborists are highly skilled and experienced, where tree climbing is posed as difficult and unsafe, we consider the use of MEWPs to minimise any potential risks. A MEWP is the safest and quickest access to trees and is a secure working platform for our arborists to work on.


We operate our own fleet of Landrover Defender and Isuzu Cherry Pickers, along with 25m Spider Lift Platform. With the high and low access, our Cherry Pickers and Spider Lift platform allow us to carry out Tree Surgery on dangerous and challenging situated trees in the safest and most efficient way possible. 


The Spider Lift Platform makes it suitable to use both indoors and outdoors as the platform has special treads to minimise the risk of damage to internal floors. It has a working height of up to 25m, making this platform the perfect access to reach high and low and to passthrough narrow passageways and gates.