Ash Dieback Invades Pembrokeshire

Ash Dieback has become an increasing concern which has invaded West Wales over the recent months. The disease is rapidly killing Ash Trees across the U.K. and could soon become a public health hazard to the public and properties. As a business, we have noticed the rapid spread of the disease throughout Pembrokeshire and we have been working hard throughout the County to removed the disease trees as efficiently and as risk free as possible.

What is Ash Dieback?

Ash Dieback disease or Chalara (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is killing a high proportion of our Ash Trees and is becoming an increasing concern throughout the UK. It will soon become a hazard to the public, their homes and public buidlings.

We have noticed an increasing amount of Ash Dieback occurring around Pembrokeshire and as a business we are doing our absolute most to help remove the diseased trees safely and efficiently.

There are several main symptoms to look out for when trying to identify Ash Dieback. The main symptoms are:

• Loss of leaves on branches

• Brown/Black patches may appear on leaves

• Discolouration of stems, often with a diamond shape lesion

• Tips and shoots may become black and shrivelled

• Tree may eventually fall/collapse

What can I do to prevent the disease?

Unfortunately, there is no cure and once trees are infected with dieback it is usually fatal for the Ash Tree. It is extremely important to seek medical advice from specialists if you notice any of the symptoms on your Ash Trees.

What action do I need to take?

The first step would be identifying if the Ash Trees has been affected by the disease and always seek medical advice from experts if unsure. The experts will come out and assess the tree and determine the action needed. Most trees affected by the disease will need to be removed.