Has Spring finally Sprung?

As Spring edges closer, now is the time to make sure your trees and shrubs are prepared for the Spring/Summer seasons ahead.

Follow some of our tips below to ensure your trees can thrive in the warmer months.

1. Inspect your trees - It is important to always inspect your trees as some may have fallen victim to the extreme weather conditions we have had over the winter months.

2. Prune your trees - Ensure to get your dead or damaged trees removed to encourage new growth.

3. Rake away any debris - Ensure to rake away any debris surrounding the trees as this can cause fungal growth.

4. Feed your trees - Ensure to feed your trees with the nutrients to help with growth.

5. Planting new trees - The spring months is the perfect time to plant new trees. If you require expert advice on how to plant a new tree properly, contact us TODAY.

If you are in need of expert advice or require any of our services during the Spring/Summer Months, simply contact Ben Roscoe 07585 337 980 or Darren Evans on 07985 447 403 and they will be more than happy to assist you.