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Rail Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management is the elimination of unwanted vegetation. The process of vegetation management keeps shrubs, plants and trees under control and rogue undergrowth at bay.


Vegetation Management along the rail lines are vital to ensure safe and smooth railway operations. The growth of vegetation can pose a risk to the rail lines causing damage and disruption to services. 

Roscoe Tree Services Ltd are RISQS approved. We have an experienced team of tree surgeons that undertake a range of vegetation management services on behalf of clients operating throughout the UK Rail Infrastructure (England and Wales).

Our rail team has worked on the railways for over 5 years and within that time, we have worked as a sub contractor on numerous rail projects on behalf of top clients. 

All our rail staff have completed all the relevant and appropriate training courses and each hold a PTS qualification to allow them to work on the Railway. Our dedicated team are committed to delivering the highest standards of work and safety and pride themselves in all the work that they accomplish. 

Roscoe Tree Services Ltd are RISQS approved suppliers for the following categories:

  • Lineside Tree and Scrub Clearance

  • Tree Felling

If you have any enquiries regarding our Rail Vegetation Management Services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.